Relaxing in the eternal City
About Us
A little brief on our fabulous villa.

We are located only 13 km from the historic centre of Rome, we can accommodate up to 26 guests.

Roman Villa Silj is also known as "The Garden of Lemniscati” the place of birth of enchantment and legends. The villa, archaeological park and estate have witnessed great world changing events that are being represented in twelve great tales around the property's gardens.
We are the closest country villa to the historic center of Rome (only 13 km. away) -We are  in the northern section of the city, along the Via Flaminia and just a kilometer outside of the Grande Raccordo Anulare highway, which connects you to any place in Rome.
Our visitors can enjoy: Delicious Italian meals, Wine tasting, Guided tours, Swimmingpool, Picnic area, Barbecue and Storygardenz Tour. Gourmet foods are available as well as options for vegetarians and special needs.
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The Units
Select the Unit that suites you better or rent the whole complex


Accomodates up to 7 Guests

West Wing

Accomodates up to 9 Guests

Ezedra Suite

Accommodates up to 4 Guests


Accommodates up to 6 Guests
Founder Member of Storygardenz

Meet the owners!

We would like to welcome you to our home, this enchanted place at "the first door" (Prima Porta) of the eternal city, for so long the "capital of the world"
~ Eleonora & Bernard
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